The 7 Types of Facebook Fans

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How to Create Content for Everyone

There are many types of social media followers and fans who may like or follow your page. Because not all fans are alike, you need to vary the content you offer in order to appeal to all of your fans and followers. ReachLoyal recently came out with a list of seven different types of social media fans. The seven types of fans are:

1. The Quiet Follower.

This type of fan knows your business and usually likes it because their friends do. They may not be a customer, but they don’t harm your social media presence. Your Challenge: Create interesting interactive content such as images, videos, polls, and strong call to actions to engage the “quiet followers” of your page. Fun Fact: More than 50% of updates on Facebook are images.

2. The Casual Liker.

This type of fan truly enjoys some of your posts. They connect with you because of a positive past purchase or experience. They want their friends to value their opinion, and have therefore liked your page and posts as a way of recommending them. These fans definitely boost your social visibility. Your Challenge: Make cool and engaging posts about new products or services you offer. Ask your fans to share them with their friends. Fun Fact: 70% of consumers place trust in recommendations of brands or products that friends make to them.

3. The Deal Seeker.

This type of fan is always searching for the best deal. They make purchases based on savings rather than product or brand loyalty. Your Challenge: To engage the “deal seeker” you should offer special deals and promotions as appreciation to your fans. This can get your more shares and also lead to new business. Fun Fact: Almost half of all social media users follow brand pages in order to get special offers.

4. The Unhappy Customer.

This type of follower has had an unpleasant experience and they want to share it with others. They expect you to respond to their issue in a timely manner. The “unhappy customer” can affect your reputation in a potentially bad way. Your Challenge: Keep an eye on your social media pages and respond to any negative posts in a timely and professional manner. Fun Fact: 42% of consumers who contact brands on social media expect a response from the brand within an hour.

5. The Ranter.

This type of follower may or may not be a customer. They have strong opinions on some sort of issues and are sometimes known as “trolls.” Your Challenge: Stay calm and avoid adding fuel to conversations that aren’t about your business. Fun Fact: 45% of consumers are more likely to share negative experiences on social media.

6. The Cheerleader.

This type of fan is very active on your page, providing likes, comments, and shares on many of your posts, often from their mobile device. They enter every contest you have and drive community growth. Your Challenge: Make sure your updates and content are worth cheering about. Offering limited-time offers can be particularly effective, since friends of fans will see these as well. Fun Fact: Of mobile social media users, 74% visit Facebook and 63% visit Twitter several times per day via mobile devices.

7. The Loyal Fan

This type of fan has got your back no matter what. They recommend you to family and friends, both online and offline. They give you both praise and constructive criticism through suggestions. They defend you against the “unhappy customers.” Your Challenge: Let these fans know that you recognize them through customer appreciation gifts. Make use of their positive comments across all of your marketing efforts. Fun Fact: 30% of consumers are more likely to share their positive experiences through social media.

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