How Does It Work?

I’m sure you are wondering what makes us any different from the other sites that you see selling Facebook Likes (Fans) . Well, where do I begin?
We started offering these services because we couldn’t find them anywhere else and they were exactly what we needed. We didn’t want ‘invites‘, we wanted actual fans.

We offer you Guaranteed Fans. Any other site you have visited will offer you invites, why don’t you want invites? Because they are rubbish. If you buy 1000 invites you will (optimistically) get 150 fans! Is that it I hear you say? Yes it is, because many of these other sites are using the same accounts to invite the same people to different groups. To start with these people don’t mind receiving invites but eventually they begin to get annoyed and don’t even bother looking at them. What would you do if you were invited it 5 or 6 pages every day? I’m sure you wouldn’t join many of them after the first week.

We are different, with us you are paying for actual fans on your page. If you buy 1000 fans from us, then your page will see an increase of at least 1000 real life (completely human) fans, realistically this could take around 10,000 invites (maybe more, maybe less depending on the attractiveness of your page). With our system you are almost guaranteed to see an increase in sales, clicks and customers. We give you the customers; it’s up to you what you do with them.

You’ve also probably noticed we have incredibly competitive prices. The prices that we offer won’t be beaten by any other site that offers what we do (if you can find one that is!). Our prices are even cheaper than people offer just invites! For example, our 1000 guaranteed fans package is generally cheaper than others offering just 1000 invites. If you want guaranteed fans at affordable prices I dare you to look elsewhere, you won’t find anywhere cheaper.

This sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

Well, put simple, there isn’t. If you’re not sure then try our smallest package, once you’ve tried it I’m sure you’ll be wanting more!