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Buy YouTube Views Fast, Affordable, and Safe

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If you are looking to buy YouTube Video Views, Channel Views, Ratings, Comments, or Subscribers then look no further. We at offer YouTube view packages at various levels. Not quite ready for 1 million views? Try a 5000 view trial, see how it goes, then feel free to place a larger order. Purchasing YouTube views is a very safe way of quickly increasing that all important number on your YouTube Video or Channel. It’s the very first thing people look at before they click on your video. We all know a YouTube video is an inexpensive way of advertising, but if your video only has a handful of views it could take years before you see the benefits of your hard work on that video. You can cut that time down substantially by placing a small investment in that video and purchasing the first few thousand, 10k, 100K, or 1 million views. Our customers have been satisfied with our YouTube services for months and they keep coming back! We still have not had one complaint! All of our methods are completely legal (no BOTS!); All viewers are absolutely real people and there is a 0% chance of getting banned! Read our Reviews to see what others have said about us! View our Youtube Services and Prices. Join in the fun! icon biggrin Buy YouTube Views Fast, Affordable, and Safe

We Can Still Get You Facebook Fans!! -Depsite loss of “Suggest to Friends” Button

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With Facebook’s most recent change the “Suggest to Friends” button has disappeared. This has caused many upset people who are looking to advertise their business, band, group, organization, event, etc. However, WE CAN STILL GET YOU FANS! If you are looking to increase your facebook fan number, we want you to know that many other businesses like ours are unable to complete your order, we can. We have found a way around this latest obstacle to continue satisfying our customers. We at SocialPromotionz want you to know that we have been contacted by other websites like our own that sell fans and are now offering services to those websites as well. They are paying the same price you would pay to buy directly from us and are marking up the price so that they can continue to make a profit. Buying from us directly will save you money.

How Much Is A Facebook Fan Worth?

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The internet has changed the dynamics of the industry. The whole phenomenon of marketing has gone through a paradigm shift. The traditional ways are there but day in and day out are becoming redundant. The new methods have taken the marketing industry by storm. One such marketing tool is social media optimization. An SMO helps to get a greater number of clicks within no time. Facebook is one of the SMO tools. Yes it is the same Facebook that is being used by millions of users worldwide to stay in touch with friends and relatives. It is also used to play online games such as Farmville etc. businesses can use it to promote their business through Facebook.

Facebook has helped brands get awesome responses by creating profile for their company and using it to invite friends. The latest development is the fan pages on facebook for brands. Facebook has allowed brands to directly interact with their users and add them and convert them to fans.
Fans of your company on facebook are very important for your profile. It will show how much your profile is visited and how many like your profile. The greater the number of fans then the more popular your brand will get. There is one more important feature of fans on Facebook. The fan pages have access to the live feeds. Hence when you update your profile, say by adding some new videos or photos, or editing some information or by posting a comment in your profile, it will be automatically updated on your fans profile homepage. This happens in real time and there is no lag time. Now imagine the benefits it has. The greater number of fans you have the greater number of homepages will flash your updates. Now the friends of your fans will be able to see it as well. The fans will surely see what the updates are and hence will be gaining information on that. The friends of your fans might also want to see what the current updates are or just might have a peek into what your brand is all about. Obviously this is all you need. Once the user comes into your profile half your work is done. The rest will be taken care of by your content or your posts or the quality of your profile. Hence a fan is a very important aspect for your Facebook profile. Facebook has changed the way people can now look at promoting their business. The fan page is a new addition to the Facebook profile and has enabled brands to increase their chances of more views immensely. The fans are an integral part of your profile. It is a general perception that higher the number of fans a celebrity has the more popular he or she is considered to be. The same goes with the Facebook profile as well. The greater number of fans you have on your company profile the more popular you become. The importance of fans cannot be discounted and they form an integral part for their promotion.

Buy Twitter Followers Everybody Else Is You Should Too!!

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Why should you buy twitter followers..?? Because everybody else is!! icon smile Buy Twitter Followers Everybody Else Is You Should Too!! I have been selling Facebook fans and likes for quite awhile now. In this business is a bit of dinosaur (not really, but almost). Most websites selling Facebook fans have only been up a couple weeks. we have been up and running for over 6 months now!! What I have seen over the last 6 months is many people buying facebook fans, and business continues to grow. I see many small businesses, bands, singers, organizations, and other miscellaneous groups. What I’m beginning to see a lot more of, is customers purchasing Twitter followers as well. It’s the same types customers that are purchasing Facebook fans, but they are already established on Facebook, and they are ready to build a presence on Twitter as well. While Facebook has been in the news a lot recently as a full 25% of online time is spent on Facebook, it’s hard to mention Facebook, without saying Twitter in the same sentence. Both are huge social network sites and both are more and more being used to promote business very cheaply and very efficiently.

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You did a great job with out twitter account! Looking forward to reaching a bigger audience with our facebook page too.

Hi John,
Thanks for the honest answer, that’s very much appreciated these days…:-)
I will select one of the packages and see how it works.

Mate it looks like you’ve delivered your service. Satisfied and happy to have the numbers.
cheers mate, and hope to do business more in future,

Thank you SO much! I need to turn in a monthly report in the next day or two and need the numbers to be up! Thank you!

Dear Social Promotionz, thank you so much for this wonderful service. I tried it last week for great and fast results! This allows me, the artist and author of inspirational material to do what I do best! Thank you for a great job!

Thanks for the Quick Reply.
I will come back after gathering all the requirements from my clients.
Thanks alot!

thanks for the great support.
I will tell as many people as possible about your site.

Thanks for the quick growth! icon smile Testimonials/Customer Comments for I appreciate your work and will be placing another order.
All the best,
Stacey – Owner / Designer

Thanks John!
Have a great new year.

Thanks for your honesty and quick reply (:

The Importance of Facebook Pages

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Let me just share a few facts before I dwell deep into the topic: According to a recent survey, it was found out that around 75% of the adults were using social media and about the same percentage were using blogs and forums. So, do these facts ring a bell to you? If not then think again. Especially if you are an area businessman, this will catch your attention immediately. Here is your target market ready to be explored. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is a raw and fresh market and all ready to be explored. So what are you waiting for? Just jump in and start the ride!
One of such social media tool is the facebook. Launched only a few years ago it has become a rage. Some thought it to be just a fad; more like orkut, but it has sustained the enthusiasm and maintained the level of users and increasing day by day. Within no time Facebook has become a well known phenomenon. The concept of Social networking websites has changed the way people keep in touch with their friends and relatives. The whole new channel is created through this concept which is very helpful when the flow of information is concerned. Passing the information is not the only purpose of the social networking sites. They are helpful in several other ways. Among all these social networking sites facebook is making a mark on the minds of people around the world more rapidly.
For businesses hence, it makes sense to have a facebook account and use it to lure prospective customers. On an average if you have a facebook account, you will log in surely once in a week at least. So for businesses it is all what they require. Now with a billion users and no restriction on inviting anyone, the market is all set. The facebook pages should be used by companies to endorse their brands, products and services. This is one of the latest and effective ways to endorse the brand as more and more people can be reached through these pages. People make their choices on the basis of the latest information available to them and this mentality of human beings make the importance of facebook pages more vital. People can be made aware of the latest offers going on the brands. In this way, the facebook pages have become vital for the mass marketing of any product or service.
All this has increased the importance of a facebook page from a business perspective. On a personal front obviously it is a very effective tool to get in touch with people with whom you might have not interacted for ages. It has shattered all boundaries. No matter which part of the world you are, you are just a click away from your friends. Almost everyone who is a facebook user will endorse this fact. Hence people use it very often and get in touch with their near and ear ones. There is also a chatting facility hence the option of connecting live is also a big bonus for people. The popularity that it has gained in such a short span of time is phenomenal. In fact it is believed that facebook is the fastest platform to connect such a huge number of people.

Tips on Creating a Successful Fan Page

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Facebook has become a well known phenomenon. The concept of Social networking websites has changed the way people keep in touch with their friends and relatives. A whole new channel is created through this concept which is very helpful where the flow of information is concerned, passing information is not the only purpose of social networking sites. They are helpful in several other ways, among all these social networking sites Facebook is making a mark on the minds of people around the world most rapidly. Business entities can utilize this medium to multiply their revenue to a great extent. Facebook has given a platform where the brands can directly interact with their fans and users and also can add new users to their list, this has made many business entities launch a Facebook page of their own and start promoting their brand through it. They began by using user profiles for their companies, this was effective but was against the Facebook terms of service. Facebook could not obviously ask them to stop using it altogether as it represented a huge user base, so instead Facebook launched Facebook Pages for such activities. This gave various ways for the brands to leverage Facebook and benefit from it.

The companies could create pages for themselves showcasing their products and services, they could create their profile for brands and could do anything on that. Fan pages included many features, one of the most important of them being that these pages had access to users’ feed. This means that every time a company updates its profile then the fans of your profile will receive the same update instantly and it will be displayed in the home page of their profile. Now this is an amazing thing. Just imagine if you have a number of fans and you make an update on your fan page, the same will be updated on your fans walls as well, which in turn can be seen by the friends of your fans and so on and so forth. Just imagine the way it multiplies.

There are certain suggestions that should be followed by brands while creating their fan page. The first and foremost of them being that creating custom ads for separate locations is important, it means that if you want to target people from different geographical locations then on their page the ads relevant to them will load. Try and add a very unique image as your profile photo. You will obviously want that the users stay on your profile for as long as possible, to ensure this add a few interesting things in your page so that the users stays there. Add games and quizzes so that they are kept engaged and they stay there for some time.

Nowadays brands have the opportunity to join the chat, so just do that, it will help you interact with the users. Keep adding new videos, images to the company’s profile and keep posting new comments and invite people to react to that, this will enable you to keep your users engaged and get a good response from them.

The Secret of Advertising Through Facebook

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Don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity. The world of advertising is undergoing a shift. The shift is away from TV, movies, and magazine ads and towards social media sites. The world of Facebook contains hundreds of millions of people that you can reach for just pennies compared with the cost of a tv commercial, radio ad, or magazine flier. Purchasing your fans is no different than sending out mailers via snail mail, with the exception of being able to target your customers based on keyword, rather than taking a shot in the dark with a mailer hoping you hit one your selected group of target individuals. It’s no different than TV advertising with the exception of being able to pay pennies for customers. And it’s no different than a radio ad, with the exception of being able to interact very easily with your customers. This is such a solid opportunity! This is where advertising is shifting toward! Don’t miss out on this chance to be one of the trailblazers, you may not always have the opportunity to buy fans/customers. Facebook changes frequently and they may make such an investment impossible. However, they won’t ever take away current fans that you have. This is a secret that most of the advertising world is still unaware of. However, every day I take orders from small businesses that are learning that this is truly a wonderful opportunity to get the word out about there business, efficiently and cheaply. Please refer to package deals offered on for trial packages of 500 fans for as little as $30. See how it goes, if you are satisfied than make a larger investment as many others have done. Remember, this opportunity to buy customers for pennies may not always be possible. Take advantage of it now before it’s too late!

Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Business

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If you are an internet user and have been using it for some time then you must be very familiar with Facebook. It connotes a different meaning to different people. To some it is only a platform to connect with friends and relatives who may be geographically apart and with whom meeting on a regular basis might not be possible. To some it is just a way to get in touch with your long lost friends from maybe your school or college. To some it is just a way to add people and make new friends. To some it might be a dating tool, where they can just surf and try and connect with persons so that they can chat and have a good time. But to others it may mean serious business. I am talking about the business fraternity. You cannot imagine how Facebook can help you get the best of businesses for you.

With the users of Facebook increasing day in, day out the importance of it is also touching the sky. Just imagine millions of users, from all the countries of the world, of all age groups, income levels, tastes and preferences. I mean just look at the prospect. Where else will you find such an awesome market segmentation and demographic and psychographic diversity? This is all a marketer needs. And this is what you have here at Facebook. So just choose your target and get started. It is that simple.

The first step is to create your account and then keep adding people. Obviously you need to create a good profile detailing your basic features and your specialties. You can add videos and photos of it as well. This will help you to showcase your products and services. So the more friends you invite the better it is for you. Keep sending requests to people on Facebook. The moment you reach 5000 friends in your profile you can set up a page for your company. Having this will increase your visibility immensely. You can add unlimited fans to your profile. Of course it is not easy but you can ask your friends to convert to fans and send messages to all. You can ask friends to like your business and get added as fan on your profile. You will be required to include a precise and friendly note to your users explaining that you are now switching from a profile to a page in order to be able to serve them better and ask them to click the like button to stay connected.

Business firms can have various strategies for the marketing of their product through Facebook. Launching various applications related to their products on Facebook can be a very good way to attract more fans. Some interesting offers can be offered to fans through updates on the page of the product. Facebook has become a very good option for small and domestic businesses. They can target domestic audiences with a search on Facebook. This is again a cheaper option for small business firms who can’t afford expensive ways of marketing. Alternatively, you can buy Facebook fans through websites such as A much simpler way to start getting real fans once you have built you fan page.

I always check out the number of Facebook Fans…

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I can’t help but check out the number of fans a business, organization, group, band, etc. has when I come across their Facebook page. It’s second nature to me. Even though my business is to sell Facebook fans (, and I know very well that the Facebook page I’m looking at may even have purchased their fans from my site, I still look icon smile I always check out the number of Facebook Fans... . The psychological effect of having hundreds or thousands of Facebook fans is real. I can’t help but disregard a page that only has a few dozen fans. I always think, “I bet those are close friends and family members.” However, if I see hundreds or thousands of fans, I always think, “This may be legit,” and I’ll read on to try and determine if the popularity of the page is real. Any business/organization that wants to attract more views/interest needs to make the very small investment starting as low as $30 on our site. It’s so worth while, because I promise you that I am not the only one who thinks this way. I would wager that just about everyone takes a quick glance at the number of fans or likes on any page before they dedicate too much time to it.

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