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SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

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Good afternoon,
I wanted to take a second to thank you for your services, I am more than impressed and I cannot tell you enough how much you have expanded the my exposure. I will be ordered double the amount I did last purchase. Quick and reliable and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Great job again John!
Thank you,

Cool thanks man, Yea I saw an article the other day, I hope your business stays successful! We have been very pleased with you!
Thanks again!

thank you for addressing the issue. Great customer service in my book. Thanks again.

Thanks for having such quick responses and for your willingness to keep your clients happy. thanks

What a prompt reply – thank you.
No problem at all… as long as they keep coming.
Shall I understand that, in general, the orders on Pinterest take longer? I mean if I want to order more.

Wow, I see your action is taking place! Quite something.
Thanks, Heather

Thank you very much, the site is very explicit and your answers are fast.

I appreciate the fast turn around…as well as the personal messages to me.
I’ve used some other past services that didn’t bother with that sort of customer service (Socialkiks) and I appreciate it… I’d very much still like more U.S. Facebook fans and Twitter followers… (Socialkiks is really bad about that).
Thanks again,

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your service. I have had some very bad experiences with other organizations claiming to assist with facebook likes. This was very straight forward, and as promised. I plan to utilize your service again very soon.

Thanks! i’ll put in another order.

After see the increasing of the fans of our Facebook page after contract you this service. I am very very happy, I mean, as more we obtain, more happy we will be.

My first order with you went smooth. Thank you. I would like to continue adding new likes on a regular basis, but on a smaller scale.

Thanks for the service so far, it’s nice to be able to correspond about this stuff.

Thanks so much! We are planning to buy more at the end of the month…views and likes so you will have our loyal business icon wink SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

Great, Thanks so much! I really appreciate your prompt and cordial attention to this matter– its refreshing.

It seems to be good!! I will definitely be using you again! I was already thinking to do a little more for a few reasons! Thanks again!!

That is the nicest thing anyone could have done for me. Thankyou soo very much for being honest.

This is actually my second time that I’m using your service. First was about a year ago. I found you through a blog where many different services such as yours were discussed. People were writing nice things about your site.

Thank you, I can see it is working!!!!!!!!!!!! icon wink SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers I will definitely be using you again if it completes. Thank YOU!!!!!!

Thank you very much for your assistance.
And I always enjoy your work icon wink SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

But i really have to thank you for the results!
it was crystal clear like 600 votes above any other participant!

Awesome!! Thank you! You were truly amazing to work with!! icon wink SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

I’ve used your service a couple of times before and have had terrific results, so much so, I’ve recommended you to others. You’re a Gem!

Thank you !
Best regards

Thank you once again. As stipulated in your previous email, the likes did come through at a much faster pace! As a result of this I have once again purchased more likes.

Thanks SP! I can’t believe how easy that was! Less than 6 hours by my count. I’ll be ordering more before the offer ends.

You worked so fast!. I know I will be purchasing again! Thanks again

I greatly appreciate your professional integrity.

Looking for a boost from you before I market heavily to my niche.
Thanks so much for the quick replies!

A lot of the Australian likes are surprisingly relevant, from both melbourne and sydney.

Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply.

Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance. Yes the likes continually came in after we spoke last. Thank you. I have made another order today for the 2,000 fans, this time it is not targeted as we are running a campaign that does not require the fans to be from a specific region.
I have recommended your services to quite a few people now so hopefully they take my advice and use you!
Thank you again for your assistance and I look forward to continually working with you.
Kind Regards,

Thanks again I love the service!

Great thanks so much John! You are the best!

Ok John, thank you so much. You are very kind with your responses.
Thank again, Helen

I’ve been loving using your services again- it’s been great.

Yes I am very pleased with your work and that’s why I came back to you icon wink SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

That was good, and I got the new likes I was expecting.

Loved the service, will work with you guys again when we release our next single next month

thx for the work, its perfect !

Thank you,
I truly appreciate your help,

Great job on our facebooks likes for our site!!!
We are probably going to want to do some more of those for other pages on our site. I am currently discussing that with my partner.
We also are interested in Google +1’s as well

Thanks again!

Incredible how fast you guys work! Been monitoring progress and it is quite impressive.

Thank you for your quick response and cooperation. I think that I will also choose your service in the feature if I need it.
Have nice day! icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the quality service and response that you have provided me with.
Keep it up!

Thanks for the recent work on the facebook and twitter pages. we about to release a video.

Great thank you icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers i saw the extras thank you for that, i will be making more orders soon icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

Thank you very much.
I can do more aggressive selling.

You always deliver as promised and very fast. Thank you. Please keep up the good work. I will have 2-3 more purchases coming to you in a few days.
I am not sure if you remember. You were referred to me by [name hidden]. He used you a few times also.
Thank you,

Thanks for the fast reply. That was key in my decision making as to wether to use Your services or not.

Thanks, I see great progress so far! We are pleased.
Best, Mara

We are very happy with work and we will continue to invest more in this artist with you guys. You have gave us best services so far and we will continue to work with you guys icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

Youre the man John! Thank you greatly.

I was doing a Google based search and there was a reference to 10 companies that can help you increase your Social Fans. I looked through a few of the others and decided on your company.

The likes are Looking good

I’ll have two or three more sites for your service in the next few weeks.

as i say after this one i will make an order for twitter and for my two other facebook accounts

Many thanks john, i think i won the contest with 2193 likes!

I can see the results already, good work. I have just ordered another 3 thousand for the site many thanks

I see you guys have started the process.. It’s looking good.. I’m glad I went with socialpromotionz!
Some reviews had me concerned but I noticed you had personally defended your self on some of those and sounded trust worthy.. Also you have replied to my questions very quickly and seem very professional about what you do

Hi Social Promotionz, Yesterday I purchased 1000 fans for a Facebook page and received the fans in less than 24 hours. Needless to say, I am very pleased with your service.
Thank you again for your help and service.
Best, Taylor

Thanks for taking care of this for us, it’s nice to see a company that is so attentive to it’s customers.

Thanks bro im just making sure no problem im happy and satisfied with your service thank you

Awesome! We really appreciate the extra followers John!

Hi John,
Thanks very much, you guys are great!
We’ll send over all we have [in our budget]!

Dear John
Thanks, it’s great! The page filled up some likes now.

Thanks for the great service and quality Facebook Likes

Hi John,
We have been very pleased with your service!

i saw that the last batch of work has been completed with the facebook fans and twitter followers.  everything else looks great thank you icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

I did in fact get the 1,000 you advertised.

Hi John, thank you good job, the likes are growing up.
You are reactive , professional and the service is good
I was sales director at [unnamed corporate business] and I have a lot of contacts that they don’t know your services …
Good job I appreciate that
Thank you john i will make advertising about your solution with my contacts

This is very professional , thank you for your help …good job

Thanks John for taking the time to give me all that information. We will order more.

Hello, Your service is great!

oh thank you so much! That’s wonderful and appreciated! We plan to purchase more!

I am sending this brief email just to express my high satisfaction from Social Promotionz and the services they performed.

That is great! only about 500 more and we are there! thanks so much!

Thank you very much for your help with this!
I will keep your services in mind in case myself or anyone else need your services.
Thanks again!

hey john, ok sounds great, you did good work with another fb group of ours btw, thank you

Thanks John, you guys impressed me with the quick turnaround on my account!

Thank you very much for your prompt response! Thank you very much for your help and support!

great service, and even better customer service… ie. COMMUNICATION.
nice work. you’ve blown Blumpo out of the water. will continue to use you going forward, and recommend widely.

Again, greatly appreciated. I have a solid relationship and good history with you and would like to keep that going! Its obviously rare one finds a trust worthy source for anything in the digital space.

Thank you, John – I really appreciate it, and will recommend your
service to my blogger contacts. icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

THANKS for the Facebook Likes. You guys over-delivered on the quantity. I appreciate it.

I like what we have as even tho we have never spoken or face to face you have great service and always delivered. I like doing business like that and value you and your work.

I want to be grateful for the perfect service you provided me.

A few of my friends are becoming very impressed with the attention you’re bringing to our client’s videos. Expect a numerous amount of orders soon.

Thanks John, Thank you for being so cooperative during our business transactions.
I will definitely refer you if anyone I know needs similar services.

I just saw the number of likes increase. I think the campaign has really started.Thank you John.

Thanks a lot. you are the best.
on the next challenge I will certainly contact you with more time to work. icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers
thanks a lot

Thanks for finishing, I’d also like to purchase additional fans

Thank you… it is more than enough. Hope to contact you in other occasion.
Many thanks again and best wishes,

Of course, you’ve got my service forever John. You earned my trust long before now icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

Hi John,
Many thanks for your swift reply.. your comments and demonstrating your integrity.
I apologize if it seemed that I was messing you around.
I want to pick the right person to deliver future [Likes].
I will go to your website again and order the same UK likes for our page

Thanks my friend ^.^ I’m forever your customer.

Hi John,
I see you’ve worked your magic on the fan page, thanks for that.
Also, how the hell did you manage to do it that quick, not that I’m complaining, far from it. Just need to work out a way to tell the client what’s happened as they didn’t want me to do fan boosting lol

Hey, we are really grateful for the amazing work you have done John, expect 3 orders to be placed by us for our artist, before this week ends icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

Hi John
I’ve seen the result, it’s great ! icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers
Regards, Eric

Hi John…It’s done!
Thanks so much for your services~Blessings to you!

Hi John, We are very satisfied with your service.
I have paid for additional 1000 likes on our FB page.

Hey John, sorry for the delay..It get’s real busy over here! You’re doing an awesome job i ordered 10,000 more views

Youre a fantastic new friend, and because of that you’re going to be happy with the money we’re going to keep bringing you!

I’m really impressed! You have a faithful customer, our artist is satisfied with your work, expect a third order to be coming in tomorrow from us! Thanks again icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

Dear John,
I have used your facebook fan page likes service 4 times this year and I have been very satisfied with the results.
Thanks, Gareth

I just recently seen you’ve finished off the views on my friends video and I’m really impressed. I am still am impressed with you getting the work done and you will indeed get a lot of business from me. Thanks and i will be placing another order for more views!

Thank you for the excellent job on my FB page. I’ll be able to introduce the page to my fans soon.
John H

Such a great service you have. Thank you very much. We have just hit 123,000 and we received a YouTube badge and invited to Adsense.

Thank you so much! I plan to use your service often and would work with you if possible on any incentives and partnership opportunities.

Hi John, I can see I have over 500 fans on my page, which was our agreement. I want to thank you for this

Thanks for both of those pieces of information.
I must say, you are doing a great job so far at keeping in contact, letting me know what is going on and answering questions. You’ll certainly be top of my list for other projects
Thank you it’s a pleasure working with you again. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Hey John,
Ive been buying from you steadily for the last couple months, have spent several hundred dollar, and your service has been great thus far!

Thanks John for your excellent customer service – I’m very impressed emo1 SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

Thank you very much. We plan on launching quite a few more Facebook pages over the course of the year, so I’m sure we’ll be using your services again.

Ok thank you I just bought the 100 pack for youtube likes.thank you for showing me that you are a good service provider

thanks ! The increase has already begun
see you soon

That’s perfect! Thank you very much John.

Fabulous, thanks!

You guys rocked it.  I’ve already sent a friend looking for similar service your way!  Thanks again for an absolute awesome job.

Thanks John. I’m going to purchase another service from you in the next few days -thanks again for  humouring my requests icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

impressive… Campaign was a success… 500+ now.

Saw some activity today, thanks for the great communication!  If it comes down to the wire, and I wanted to add some more “likes” to guarantee victory, what would the deadline on your end be?  Voting ends on Friday afternoon.  [We would need at least 24 hours before deadline]

Great, Thanks again for the prompt replies. I already placed another order with you. I look forward to continuing doing business with you guys and I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for this type of service!
- Nick

Hi John,
Thanks! My likes are going up already!

John, you’re the best…thank you for a great job!

Hey Guys Wow, You came through. Nice work. I’ve read about a lot of scams with this stuff and I took a chance on you. I’m very pleased with the results.

I got the likes today. Thank you! I will do 2 more orders today. J
Thank you,

Thanks a lot for your fast answer
I really appreciate it

Hey John
I see I made a great choice using you. I will leave u alone to work your magic.Thanks for the update.
Kind Regards

Hi John, I have purchased fans from you in the past and have always been amazed, and so happy!
Thanks so much for your help, and for the service you offer.

Yes, & the targeting is great,  I have a lot of followers who are within music and fashion.

Hi John,
I’m pretty pleased with the results thus far, in fact these followers are highly targeted!!!

Thumbs up on being the FIRST vendor to actually provide REAL targeted fans!!!!

Hi John,
Yes all looking good.

Very pleased they seem to be pretty targeted. So thanks for that.
 I am interested in purchasing some more, how much would 20,000 Like’s be?


Thanks for your mail John and hope we could work again together.

Thanks a lot for the great service!

Thank you very much John.
Appreciate the prompt response sir.
Many thanks

Just wanted to say thanks. You really over delivered and have a customer for life and fan.
I will be placing a further order today.
I will also be placing a You Tube order.
Thanks again

You’re awesome!  Have a great weekend!

Hi John
Thank you for your email & confirming payment had been received.
I can already see results coming through, so that’s great news.  Looking forward to seeing it grow.

U r the man
There will be more!!You are a true professional.
Cheers Thanks John.Overall, we’re really pleased with SocialPromotionz and we’ll be recommending it to other bands/friends.
Thanks for keeping your promise
I see 500 like completed this morning
I will continue additional purchases tonight
Will advise when completed thz
AlexI am excited about using your full services for many months to come.
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Your commitment to customer service is obviously very genuine.

Hi John
You definitely came through. I will be using your site again in the next couple of weeks.
Thanks again

John I really appreciate your immediate responses.
Thanks for taking care of this for us.
I look forward to doing more business together.

thanks for your email.
yes there was good increase in the last days/weeks.
both services brought the promised likes.
thanks a lot for your service and for the really good support.
if i ever need likes again, i´ll be back to you.
if friends need some likes, i´ll send them to you.
thanks for all.
greets, peter

Hi John,
we are so happy our site is exploding!! icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers
We would like to order more

I’m currently setting up a new page which I’ll make the order for (takes a little time). I’ll email you when it’s ready.
Thanks for your great customer service, it’s very impressive.

You are a rock star. Thank you for everything. And We look forward to using you again. Thank you

You definitely came through. I will be using your site again in the next couple of weeks.
Thanks again

Dear John,
Thank you for looking at my project. We are nearly there – just 300 likes to go.
- Total should be aprox 1300 when complete.
I am really impressed with your service and will certainly use it again.
With best regards,

Quick Service! Thanks so much!

I really appreciate your immediate responses.
Thanks for taking care of this for us.
I look forward to doing more business together.

Thank you for your professional response.
Much appreciated.

Cheers, and thanks for the great work on our other sites.

No worries, John, thanks for your quick reply. Myself and a couple of friends will be purchasing some youtube views then, pretty soon.
Your service is top-notch!

I was very happy with your service last time, and I will be looking to purchase more. I just wanted to know if you can do vimeo views as well, or just youtube?
Jake [yes, we do vimeo views too :]

Looks like it’s working already, over 200 “likes” at the time of writing!

the likes on the homepage are steadily increasing, you do a fine job.
i´ll probably order at your homepage tomorrow.

Oh that’s ok, thanks very much for all your help, we’re really happy with the results.
I placed another order last night for Twitter followers icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers

thanks for the fast reply! We havent notice the paypal return until you mentioned it- thank you!
Anyways since we were very positive after the first order, we would like to continue and stay with your comany. So I just ordered 3.000 FB Fans..

Ok thank you very much for your response. It really means a lot thank you took the time to personally email me back. I would love to utilize your service as I know it would only help my business.I would love to have a few thousand LIKES on my fb..

I really appreciate your response. You can probably tell from my original tone, I was a little worried I might have fallen into a scam type situation, as I’ve heard a lot of stories from other artists that have done the same. But I’m glad to know your company is reasonable. No refund necesarry at this point, and don’t stress too much about the timetables, just keep me updated if you can. Thanks a lot John! Looking forward to doing further business with you and your company

Sounds like a plan… We have enjoyed your service and want to continue using it for other clients

Hi John,
Thank you – I have several fan-pages that could enjoy a boost – so expect a returning customer icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers
Looking forward to seeing more results,

You did a great job with out twitter account! Looking forward to reaching a bigger
audience with our facebook page too.

Hi John,
Thanks for the honest answer, that’s very much appreciated these days…:-)
I will select one of the packages and see how it works.

Mate it looks like you’ve delivered your service. Satisfied and happy to have the numbers.
cheers mate, and hope to do business more in future,

Thank you SO much! I need to turn in a monthly report in the next day or two and need the numbers to be up! Thank you!

Dear Social Promotionz, thank you so much for this wonderful service. I tried it last week for great and fast results! This allows me, the artist and author of inspirational material to do what I do best! Thank you for a great job!

Thanks for the Quick Reply.
I will come back after gathering all the requirements from my clients.
Thanks alot!

thanks for the great support.
I will tell as many people as possible about your site.

Thanks for the quick growth! icon smile SocialPromotionz Reviews from Recent Customers I appreciate your work and will be placing another order.
All the best,
Stacey – Owner / Designer

Thanks John!
Have a great new year.

Thanks for your honesty and quick reply (:

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