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Facebook Likes for Beginners

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Facebook Likes for Beginners

Are you just starting with your Facebook Page? Do you know the difference between a Facebook Fan Page and a Facebook Personal Profile Page? Well, if you are looking to connect with friends and family on a personal level, you are in the wrong place. Personal Profile Pages are where you do personal things you want to share with people you trust. However, if you are looking to increase the popularity of your Facebook Fan Page and get more likes, this is the first step for you.

You won’t be able to get thousands of Likes instantly unless you are celebrity, so you will have to work at it just like the rest of us. Most people make Facebook Fan Pages for their business, band, photography, etc. In fact, you would want a Facebook Fan Page for anything you would want a website for. Websites cost money and require a fair amount of computer technical knowledge. but Facebook is free and way easier to manage.  You want people to Like your page so you can keep customers and fans up to date on what is happening or to promote a sale or concert. If you are not already doing this, your competitors are.  In order to promote online, you need people that will actually get the message. The first 50-100 Likes are easy-breezy. They are friends and family members that will Like your page out of loyalty or guilt icon wink Facebook Likes for Beginners They are the nucleus of your page, and they will likely stick around no matter what. After that, its tough. You will need to build the rest of the list with some thought.

Start to implement strategies that will bring in likes continuously over time. Advertise! You can advertise online or in person. Post flyers. Give people incentives to Like your page. Make them feel special by offering them things (sales, giveaways, VIP passes, contests, etc.) that they would otherwise never know about (Make sure you tell them they would never know about it otherwise). Buy quality Facebook Likes from one of the few trusted websites like SocialPromotionz at regular intervals to boost your numbers. You don’t need to buy thousands all at once. We recommend buying 500 every month. Influencing perceptions of your business is part of the game. Once you have got your page increasing on its own, it can grow even more by encouraging people to SHARE your posts. The sky really is the limit. We will cover that strategy in a future post.

Do not give up on your Facebook Fan Page. Social Media is here to stay folks. Follow through after you launch your page. If you forget about your page, your fans/customers will too!!! Let us know if you have any ideas that really work for you.




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