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Facebook and Twitter Directing Traffic to Each Other

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Some verified rumors trickling down the volcano of tech-world news are saying that Facebook and Twitter are……working together? ¬†Long have these two major social media competitors fought for you to spend more of your time on their websites rather than on their competitors’. However, some twitter users are reporting that their Twitter profiles are displaying a prominent box requesting them to “Send Tweets to Facebook.” This is not a new option, but the suggestion to do so IS new.

Additionally, Facebook administrators are being encouraged to link their fanpage with a Twitter profile. Ultimately, this could lead increased traffic for both sites, which is the goal for both of the social media titans. With more traffic, comes more advertising potential, and more money. For more information and some some screenshots of the aforementioned suggestions, see Techcrunch.

It doesn’t look like these two giants will be usurped anytime soon by other up-and-coming social media websites, so check out our Twitter and Facebook services to help boost your social media audience and popularity!

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