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How to Use Facebook Apps for your Facebook Page

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How to Use Facebook Apps for your Facebook Fanpage

If you are not using Facebook Apps (abbrev. for applications) for your page, you should be! They can be very effective in helping increase the popularity of your page and keeping contact with your fans.

Where are they?

Facebook provides a couple of apps for photos and likes, but you have the ability to add others. They can be found below the cover photo, so they are easy to find.

What is an App?

An app helps bring your Facebook fanpage down to a personal level that allows you to engage with your fans.

Where do I find more Apps?

A great place to start is with Timeline Apps. Here you will find some of the most popular apps that will give your page a real personal feel. Be rest assured that you competitors will be doing everything they can to keep their fans interested, so you you better too. Additional apps fanpages can be found too.

How do I add custom Apps?

When you go to the sites we mentioned above, you can add the app by clicking “Add to Page” in the lower left column.

How do I edit Apps?

Click the app on the far right. Edit options will be opened up in the right corner. It will open up edit options in the upper right corner of any app you hover over. You can move the apps around so that you have the most important ones first.

You can also set custom icons for your custom apps:

Note: Facebook likes to change the appearance of the Admin Panel. We have included two ways to get there including a recent update.

1.) Go to Admin Panel section of your page. Select Manage dropdown – Edit Page – Apps.


2.) Go to Admin Panel section of your page. Select Edit Page dropdown – Admin Roles – Apps.

You will see a list of apps and near each one there will be a link that says “Edit Settings”. You can change the icon image, as well as the name you want displayed for the App.

This has been a brief tutorial about Facebook apps for you fanpage. Have fun making your fanpage even more popular!




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