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Can Buying Facebook Likes Help me Generate my own Facebook Likes?

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Facebook likes /fans are an excellent way to reach a larger audience quickly and efficiently.  The more fans you have, the more people are consuming all of the valuable updates from your Facebook page!  It also goes without saying that the psychological impact of your page having thousands of fans will bring in even more fans in the future.  Think about it for a second, are you going to be inclined to buy a product that only has 10 positive reviews or a product that has 100 positive reviews?  You are most likely going to be inclined to buy a product with more positive reviews, and when it comes to Facebook, every person that likes your page or product is the equivalent of a positive review!

We recently spoke to a client who ordered just 3000 likes from us.  They started out with zero likes at the beginning of our campaign and were having a lot of difficulty generating their own likes for their Facebook page.  After getting that initial boost of fans they were able to acquire fans on their own at a pretty good rate.  They ended up sending us an email thanking us for getting them off their feet!  Having that initial fan base really does wonders for your Facebook page.  They are now over 4200 likes!

One of the greatest things about increasing the number of likes your Facebook page has is that it will increase not only your audience, but your “reach” as well.  Whenever any of your current fans interact with your posts, there is a chance that it pops up in their friends’ newsfeeds!  The benefits of increasing the number of fans you have in social media are undeniable! Check out the rest of the SocialPromotionz site to see if we can fulfill any of your needs.

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