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How Much Is A Facebook Fan Worth?

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The internet has changed the dynamics of the industry. The whole phenomenon of marketing has gone through a paradigm shift. The traditional ways are there but day in and day out are becoming redundant. The new methods have taken the marketing industry by storm. One such marketing tool is social media optimization. An SMO helps to get a greater number of clicks within no time. Facebook is one of the SMO tools. Yes it is the same Facebook that is being used by millions of users worldwide to stay in touch with friends and relatives. It is also used to play online games such as Farmville etc. businesses can use it to promote their business through Facebook.

Facebook has helped brands get awesome responses by creating profile for their company and using it to invite friends. The latest development is the fan pages on facebook for brands. Facebook has allowed brands to directly interact with their users and add them and convert them to fans.
Fans of your company on facebook are very important for your profile. It will show how much your profile is visited and how many like your profile. The greater the number of fans then the more popular your brand will get. There is one more important feature of fans on Facebook. The fan pages have access to the live feeds. Hence when you update your profile, say by adding some new videos or photos, or editing some information or by posting a comment in your profile, it will be automatically updated on your fans profile homepage. This happens in real time and there is no lag time. Now imagine the benefits it has. The greater number of fans you have the greater number of homepages will flash your updates. Now the friends of your fans will be able to see it as well. The fans will surely see what the updates are and hence will be gaining information on that. The friends of your fans might also want to see what the current updates are or just might have a peek into what your brand is all about. Obviously this is all you need. Once the user comes into your profile half your work is done. The rest will be taken care of by your content or your posts or the quality of your profile. Hence a fan is a very important aspect for your Facebook profile. Facebook has changed the way people can now look at promoting their business. The fan page is a new addition to the Facebook profile and has enabled brands to increase their chances of more views immensely. The fans are an integral part of your profile. It is a general perception that higher the number of fans a celebrity has the more popular he or she is considered to be. The same goes with the Facebook profile as well. The greater number of fans you have on your company profile the more popular you become. The importance of fans cannot be discounted and they form an integral part for their promotion.

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