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Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Business

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If you are an internet user and have been using it for some time then you must be very familiar with Facebook. It connotes a different meaning to different people. To some it is only a platform to connect with friends and relatives who may be geographically apart and with whom meeting on a regular basis might not be possible. To some it is just a way to get in touch with your long lost friends from maybe your school or college. To some it is just a way to add people and make new friends. To some it might be a dating tool, where they can just surf and try and connect with persons so that they can chat and have a good time. But to others it may mean serious business. I am talking about the business fraternity. You cannot imagine how Facebook can help you get the best of businesses for you.

With the users of Facebook increasing day in, day out the importance of it is also touching the sky. Just imagine millions of users, from all the countries of the world, of all age groups, income levels, tastes and preferences. I mean just look at the prospect. Where else will you find such an awesome market segmentation and demographic and psychographic diversity? This is all a marketer needs. And this is what you have here at Facebook. So just choose your target and get started. It is that simple.

The first step is to create your account and then keep adding people. Obviously you need to create a good profile detailing your basic features and your specialties. You can add videos and photos of it as well. This will help you to showcase your products and services. So the more friends you invite the better it is for you. Keep sending requests to people on Facebook. The moment you reach 5000 friends in your profile you can set up a page for your company. Having this will increase your visibility immensely. You can add unlimited fans to your profile. Of course it is not easy but you can ask your friends to convert to fans and send messages to all. You can ask friends to like your business and get added as fan on your profile. You will be required to include a precise and friendly note to your users explaining that you are now switching from a profile to a page in order to be able to serve them better and ask them to click the like button to stay connected.

Business firms can have various strategies for the marketing of their product through Facebook. Launching various applications related to their products on Facebook can be a very good way to attract more fans. Some interesting offers can be offered to fans through updates on the page of the product. Facebook has become a very good option for small and domestic businesses. They can target domestic audiences with a search on Facebook. This is again a cheaper option for small business firms who can’t afford expensive ways of marketing. Alternatively, you can buy Facebook fans through websites such as A much simpler way to start getting real fans once you have built you fan page.

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