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Tips on Creating a Successful Fan Page

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Facebook has become a well known phenomenon. The concept of Social networking websites has changed the way people keep in touch with their friends and relatives. A whole new channel is created through this concept which is very helpful where the flow of information is concerned, passing information is not the only purpose of social networking sites. They are helpful in several other ways, among all these social networking sites Facebook is making a mark on the minds of people around the world most rapidly. Business entities can utilize this medium to multiply their revenue to a great extent. Facebook has given a platform where the brands can directly interact with their fans and users and also can add new users to their list, this has made many business entities launch a Facebook page of their own and start promoting their brand through it. They began by using user profiles for their companies, this was effective but was against the Facebook terms of service. Facebook could not obviously ask them to stop using it altogether as it represented a huge user base, so instead Facebook launched Facebook Pages for such activities. This gave various ways for the brands to leverage Facebook and benefit from it.

The companies could create pages for themselves showcasing their products and services, they could create their profile for brands and could do anything on that. Fan pages included many features, one of the most important of them being that these pages had access to users’ feed. This means that every time a company updates its profile then the fans of your profile will receive the same update instantly and it will be displayed in the home page of their profile. Now this is an amazing thing. Just imagine if you have a number of fans and you make an update on your fan page, the same will be updated on your fans walls as well, which in turn can be seen by the friends of your fans and so on and so forth. Just imagine the way it multiplies.

There are certain suggestions that should be followed by brands while creating their fan page. The first and foremost of them being that creating custom ads for separate locations is important, it means that if you want to target people from different geographical locations then on their page the ads relevant to them will load. Try and add a very unique image as your profile photo. You will obviously want that the users stay on your profile for as long as possible, to ensure this add a few interesting things in your page so that the users stays there. Add games and quizzes so that they are kept engaged and they stay there for some time.

Nowadays brands have the opportunity to join the chat, so just do that, it will help you interact with the users. Keep adding new videos, images to the company’s profile and keep posting new comments and invite people to react to that, this will enable you to keep your users engaged and get a good response from them.

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