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I always check out the number of Facebook Fans…

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I can’t help but check out the number of fans a business, organization, group, band, etc. has when I come across their Facebook page. It’s second nature to me. Even though my business is to sell Facebook fans (, and I know very well that the Facebook page I’m looking at may even have purchased their fans from my site, I still look icon smile I always check out the number of Facebook Fans... . The psychological effect of having hundreds or thousands of Facebook fans is real. I can’t help but disregard a page that only has a few dozen fans. I always think, “I bet those are close friends and family members.” However, if I see hundreds or thousands of fans, I always think, “This may be legit,” and I’ll read on to try and determine if the popularity of the page is real. Any business/organization that wants to attract more views/interest needs to make the very small investment starting as low as $30 on our site. It’s so worth while, because I promise you that I am not the only one who thinks this way. I would wager that just about everyone takes a quick glance at the number of fans or likes on any page before they dedicate too much time to it.

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